Master Key Experience Week 20 – Cognition

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Cognition – as I was thinking about what this week had been for me, that word popped into my head and I wanted to know immediately, as we’ve been trained since day one of MKE by Mark J, to look up the meaning in my dictionary. It means the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses. Synonyms are perception, discernment and awareness.

This week I have noticed more intuitiveness, boldness, faith and selflessness in my daily actions. It’s like I have been given that 6th sense on overdrive and realizing that I am powerful and kind at the same time is a real huge revelation for me. I am also a lot quicker in going for what benefit others yet knowing that my needs, wants and desires will be taken care of because I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. I love this week’s webby for the fact that we are now seeing the person we were created to be in ourselves. I took an inventory of the changes that had happened since I started this journey in the MKE. I also want to make clear that when I started I was already a totally different person from the young woman who came to this country 30+ years ago, so I thought, quite honestly, that I must not have that much more to change.

Was I ever wrong. The saying growing from one glory to another is what keep popping in my head right now. I am absolutely amazed at the levels of kindness that I could now feel.The level of compassion, the level of self confidence without arrogance, humility without debasement, the level of loving and giving without being a doormat, and so much more. Just today, I learned that I could speak compassionately and give a strong directive without offending that person. That was a characteristic that I did not know is even possible let alone learn how to be. My advise came off smart and educated and loving at the same time. The person was genuinely thankful and grateful for the help I provided.

My discernment of situations and what is important for me at this point in my life, is now as important as the needs of others and I am now always looking for better chances to be of service and to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I help or enrich because as I mentioned above, I know that I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. I will keep on doing everything I’m thinking and doing that is good now, and be what I will to be minute by minute, hour by hour because I don’t want to continue to pretend not to know that I can live this day as if it is my last. What would the person I intend to become do next? She lives this day as if it is her last and if it is not, she fall on her knees and give thanks to her God Almighty!!!! Happy Thursday!!!

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Master Key Experience Week 19 – I AM

Quite honestly, I did not expect much from this movie, Tom Shadyac movies were not in my list of favorites but as I rewatch this movie, 2x to get a deeper understanding of what his purpose of this movie, what was the true reason why he did this documentary? I found myself listening like it is my first time listening. I understood what his goal was and what the point of the movie, or at least I think I understand his journey and the why of it. So, here is my take on his question of what is happening in the world and what could we do about it. The other question that have somewhat a negative connotation is what is wrong with the world, I like his answer of flipping it to what is right with the world? And I’d like to add, lets increase it one person at a time and make a change individually and all together, if we make our world (our immediate surroundings) 1% better daily. Imagine what it would be like in 100 days, then the next 100 days? We can affect change because as Haanel teaches, we are powerful and our thoughts today creates our realities tomorrow. I love that I could affect my future by what I think and do today.

In I AM, I would have loved to be one of the people he talked to and interviewed so I could show him that Love is the answer. 1% or 1 degree of change in love changes the whole world, so my goal is to give love abundantly daily to as many people and as many life forms as I possibly can and to know that even if this is my last day on this earth, that I have given my all to all and to God Almighty and that my life is full and have no more needs and wants. And if I am given another day, I will shout to the mountaintops my gratitude to be the best version of me I can be all day long. As scroll 5 states living this day as if it is my last is the only way to live (I’m paraphrasing here of course). Sharing Love is greater than wealth, possessions, sharing wisdom, knowledge, are all useless unless shared with Love and without expectation of reciprocity as we are learning here at MasterKey. I found that his findings stop short of what we are learning and putting into practice here.

I imagined him interviewing our classmates, our guides and the MasterKey staff and Mark J and the Fabulous Davene. I can imagine his reaction and the change that he would have added to what he already have done or is doing because of the principles we are learning and applying. To find people going through the hero’s journey and finding people who are walking side by side with them through that beautiful journey, cheering them on but letting them find their own way and not imposing their own belief. To me, that is the best part of this journey. Is having y’all there giving the examples of success and the different ways that everyone are succeeding but not imposing a certain way a certain formula but letting us be independent thinkers and finding our own way and guiding us out of trouble through stories and questions. I am forever grateful for what I am experiencing here. The growth that I see in myself and the practical steps that I am able to grasp and implement are absolutely mind blowing.

Master Key Experience Week 18 – Og’s Scroll 5 – WOW!!!

This new scroll ” I will live this day as if it is my last…” really touched my heart. Fulfilling the duties of today, today. This really makes me want to do my very best today because we are not given guarantees that we will be here tomorrow and yesterdays misfortune is nothing but that. I love being able to live my life to the fullest this day, this hour, this moment. The two questions that we added to our flash cards, “What am I pretending not to know?” and “what would the person I intend to become do next?” is absolutely answered by Og’s scroll 5 ” I will avoid with fury the killers of time. Procrastination I will destroy with ACTION; doubt I will bury under FAITH; fear I will dismember with CONFIDENCE. Where there are idle mouths, I will listen NOT; where there are idle hands, I will linger NOT; where there are idle bodies, I will visit NOT; Henceforth I know that to court idleness is to steal food, clothing and warmth from those I love. I am not a thief. I’m a woman of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and my greatness.

Today, I also want to give more, pay it forward therefore, I would love all of you to check out this new blog by a good friend, Allen Thompson,

Thank you Allen for that perspective. I love it. Thanks for being real and for sharing your thoughts.

Master Key Experience Week 17HJ: Franklin Makeover week 4 Taking Initiative

Growing up I learned to hide in the shadows, so as not to be noticed and so I will not be asked to do something I am not used to doing, that left a mark of not wanting to take any kind of initiative in me at a young age but I love to learn so once in a while I will volunteer to do something that I have no idea how to do, and if I did not get it the first time, I go back to the old blue print of hiding and not wanting to take initiative.

My adult life is pretty much the same, until I decided that I am done and I am no longer want to be that person, I learned to take initiative and so when I found the MKE, this is me taking initiative and learning and shutting off the voice inside my head saying I am too old and I am too slow, no one wants to teach you, etcetera, etcetera. With the Master Key, I learned how to assert myself without being pushy. I became bolder yet still very kind and I learned to be peaceful in the middle of chaos.

This week, I noticed people, children, other individuals on TV taking the initiative to be better. A long time friend whom I have not seen in over a year took the initiative to come to church after a long time of not coming. I also noticed a couple of children who took the initiative to befriend a new girl in our homeschool coop at our church. Also a couple of young boys took the initiative to pick up and clean up the basket with the snacks for the children and fix the table that was holding it.

So many more examples of taking initiatives daily. I also notice more and more kindness and organization and being decisive all week long. What an awesome way to be all the time. I am absolutely grateful to be learning putting what we are learning into practice daily. My dear accountability partner Loving Lovely Lany shared with me today her awesome week in her business using the Skills we are learning in Go 90 Grow Plus!!! I feel so blessed to be in this class and with my Go 90 Grow group. I love it!!!

Master Key Experience Week 17 – Well Organized

This week’s main focus for me is well – organized things, people, thoughts, processes, groups, words, well organized ordinary things like brooms in a utility closet, even well organized teenagers. When the process of the Franklin Makeover was presented and started it was fun but I thought this week will be a tough week for me because it is something that is hard for me to even think about but as I started this week with focusing on it. I see more and new way at looking for well organized things and by the end of today, I see and notice how many well organized things there are in my surroundings.

Monday morning, I noticed how the clouds looks like well organized cars in a car lot and that led me to thinking of the cars on the road how well organized and uniform are the tires on each car and how they were all traveling almost in sync with one another. The lines on the roads are perfectly organized from the center dividers on the road. Those dividers are perfectly the same size, each and everyone of them. That led me to think on how organized my thought process was since I opened my eyes. In our office, we have a cleaning lady who works daily, and her bucket and cleaning cart is so well organized with everything she needs to clean up the whole building or her section. Everyday I found increasingly more and more well organized people, objects, games, speakers, exercises, thoughts and processes. It’s absolutely amazing to be seeing well organized things in inanimate things.

Yesterday is the best though. At my church we did something special about our youths. They definitely are the best children in the world without a single doubt. They exemplify Christ-like characteristics that they are all identical in what they do as a well organized group of children. They all show the inherent power of unity which is another example of being well organized and harmony in song and dance, which are again well organized events. I can definitely go on and on about these well organized attitudes and acts of kindness and humility that these youths show and live out day in and day out. I am grateful to be alive to witness such beautiful unity and examples of being ambassadors for Christ as a well-organized group of young evangelists in the world. I praise God for each and everyone of them. I hope and pray to be a great copy of them as I get to do what they do and act as they act. Again great and well-organized thoughts and dreams.

Master Key Experience week 16 part Two – Kindness

Part one of week 16 was an exercise that was given by the Fabulous Davene during Digital Solutions webinar on Monday night, to take someone’s blog that is not part of my group and share it in a tweet and link it and make it be my new post, my new week blog. At first, I could not make it to work but in addition to kindness of sharing someone else’s blog and featuring it in mine, I added the virtue of perseverance and prayer to have divine intervention added into it and it worked, last minute but it worked. It was such a heady feeling to have something that I was continually having issues making it work and for it to work that last minute before the end of the webinar gave me such an amazing feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that once I put my mind that it would happen, it did. So grateful for the patience of Davene and GG. It was awesome.

What I want to share for this part two is how I wake up each morning so keen on wanting to find those examples of kindness, and creative ways of being kind without getting caught of doing it. That is absolutely so much fun. I picked up a broken glass off the drive so as not to have anyone accidentally run over it and get a flat tire. Also, picked up somebody’s gloves off the ground and put it on top of the hedges in our neighborhood so that anyone could see it. It was gone that evening when I came home from work. Prayed that the owner saw it and got it back.

The daily journaling is also such a beautiful exercise to practice and also the daily gratitude cards. I’m loving that we get to create three completely new gratitude cards daily and I love flashing my cards 5-10, sometimes more times than I could remember. It’s fun going through them. I also love adding new movements daily. I now climb 4 floors up and down daily to the office apartment we are renting. It’s a great addition to my daily exercise routine. Another favorite of mine is practicing mind gym daily with my shapes and my readings and my DMP. I also incorporate my recordings into it. I’m excited to read Scroll 4 as it is with all the will in it until tomorrow and then, to cross them out tomorrow night after my last read. I think that is so much fun.

I am also loving all the posts in the Alliance corner. I love reading all the acts of kindness and the creativity of everyone of doing it without getting caught. I also love being able to see everything my husband does for me and all the kind things he’s done for me and for a lot of other people too. I am grateful to be able to give him the thanks he so richly deserve for being such an awesome husband and friend. Today, my elite field trainer caught me smiling and she said do you know that you are smiling while texting someone on your phone? I said yes, i know I was smiling because I know I was helping this person and she will be benefiting tremendously from what I helped her with today.

Master Key Experience Week 15 – Insight

The first time I tried to write the blog this week, I thought wow, nothing was popping. A proper title or a concept, of what to write about, eluded me but tonight, it came during my sit. I was not even thinking of my blog when I first started my sit. I just knew that Insight is what I need to focus on and then the thoughts, the words came and flooded into my whole being. It was truly amazing. Insights on what we have been learning flooded. It started with the three statements of gratitude for the day, then the one sentence of something special that happened today. The meaning of Scroll 4, the meaning of the Franklin MakeOver, the power is already in me because I would not recognize it if it wasn’t there.

Everything I need, is already within me. Fear and excitement is the same. Do it anyway because it is already within me, the power to dare, and the faith to do is in me. Decisiveness, courage, are inside of me. I am conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose. The miracle of my birth does not have to stop there. I can extend that miracle to my deeds of today. I am nature’s greatest miracle. I am a rare gem and because I am rare, I am valuable.

My insight on Decisiveness ran a gamut of examples today. It started with the decisiveness of the people I encounter then I look deeper, the decisiveness of the people who created the ceiling fan and the design of that fan to keep the fan from overheating. The decisiveness of the designer who designed the car, or the person who thought of making the steering wheel round for easier maneuverability. The decisiveness of the person or persons designing the wheels to be made of rubber and metal and how to make them fit together for maximum benefit again to maneuverability. It kept going all the way to the plastic cover that allow us to have drinks in our vehicles and so on and so forth.

I am in awe that this word, decisiveness grew from the thought that I want more of it to it expanding to the thought that I already have it because I would not have recognized it in anything if I did not have it inside of me already and then the decision to do this decisive decision opened my mind, and heart that I already have it. R2A2, Recognizing, Relating, Assimilating and Applying it, not tomorrow, not an hour from now, but now. Identifying the thought, Magnifying the thought, Multiplying that thought because awareness is the beginning of change. Change does not have to take time, it can happen now and because words are powerful, I only think, speak, do positive words and I decided to create my reality now. I do not have to wait. I can decide to make it happen NOW! Why? Because I’m powerful beyond measure. It is true and as scroll 4 said “ I’m nature’s greatest miracle.” My future is what I create it to be from my thoughts of today. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, billions even trillions, are decisive, therefore I am. No one is made like me. I am unique, special and beautifully and powerfully made. I am therefore I will. Love knowing that I can instantly replace a thought with a positive one through the Law of Substitution. I love that through the Law of practice, I perform amazingly because of it and because of the Law of forgiveness I can forgive everybody and I can attach any feeling I desire to any thought with a positive one by my own choice through the Law of Dual thought. Through the Law of the Subconscious, I can manifest whatever I plant along with my DMP, because my subconscious works 24-7 and through the Law of Growth I know that whatever I think about grows and what I forget, atrophies without exception. Being in alignment with the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator is the Key to this growth. The Natural Laws are absolute and we can only manifest what is in accordance to these Laws.

My one sentence and the three statements of gratitude. It was all beautifully delineated and are now clear. It has always been easy for me to come up with anything I can be thankful for but today, following the direction to really feel that gratitude the one sentence of something beautiful that happened today, came and the feeling of gratitude for having seen my good friend Tiffani Day washed over me and the feeling is overwhelmingly beautiful and that feeling is something I never will forget. Even now, hours since I saw my dear friend, I am able to manifest that feeling of gratitude and again, the realization, that if I could manifest that feeling even after the fact, I can manifest anything, not later but now. The degree of what I can manifest can increase just like the feeling of gratitude that I feel even when my friend is no where near me now. What a revelation, a beautiful insight to the growth I now have in my ability to manifest. My gratitude is now again overwhelmingly over the top for everything that I am feeling and learning and now manifesting. Thanks again Mark J, Fabulous Davene, my precious guides, Pamela Schwarz, and Lori Enrico my mastermind friends and all the staff, and all the guides and volunteers. I am forever grateful for what I am learning and able to put to practice. Looking forward to what 2021 can be created to be for me. I am so excited for what is happening and what joy, hope, happiness and total positive improvements 2021 could bring. I’m embracing the positive change that is happening and looking forward to becoming the perfect me I was created to be. So excited for what we could create.

Master Key Week 14 – Empathy

I loved the coffee with Mark J, Lori Enrico and Ms Pamela Schwarz. It was amazingly insightful just as the advance video was as well. We were asked to watch at least one of the movies that Mark J recommended. I have never seen any of them but I have heard of Rudy so I figure, I could start with that movie. I knew it was about a young man Rudy and his journey to becoming a football player for Notre Dame College. His burning desire is to run through the tunnel with the players and to play a game on the Notre Dame Arena on game day. It did not deter him of this dream that he is not big enough or strong enough or athletic enough to be able to play. To add to that, his grades were not high enough to allow him to enroll at Notre Dame. Even when everyone said there’s no way, he fought and fought to get to play. His best friend from high school is his first mastermind, then it was his tutor at Holy Cross, and his boss in the maintenance team of the football field. No one could tell him it’s impossible. His father kept telling him that he is not good enough. He could have gave in when he was working with his Dad but his dream was in the forefront of his mind and he kept on because he knew his purpose. He knew his plan of action and his positive mental attitude is to be envied.

Watching this movie, made me realize that I have a lot to learn about having a Definite Major Purpose and how my efforts are abysmal compared to Rudy and I also watched Door-to-door with William H Macey. What a masterpiece! Bill, played by William H Macey was suffering from Cerebral Palsy and he could have easily accepted his disability and conformed to the world’s view of how he should lived. It was so heartwarming, how he found his mastermind group. His mother who is his first mentor and advocate, and when she also became ill with Dementia, Bill found a way to survive and not only survive but thrive in being a salesman, a job, a position that is hard enough for anyone who does not have to contend with a disability but Bill’s burning desire to support himself with a job and not by collecting money from the government for his disability, not only landed him a job as a salesman but gave him the honor of becoming the Salesman of the Year and even when the times have changed and everyone in the industry and in his company were moving away from door-to-door sales, he persisted and he still focused on giving great customer service, personalized and focused. Kyra Sedgwick, his next mastermind, his assistant, was amazing in the role. She also had her definite major purpose, which is to help Bill with everything and anything. I love the dynamic of this relationship. Bill’s plan of action was clear to him even if it is not clear for everyone else around him. His positive mental attitude that gave him the ability to ignore what others say and think about him and his disability is absolutely amazing and even when his mother had to be taken to a facility where they could care for her, he continued to do what he believes is his responsibility.

These movies, made me look inward and realize how much I had been given and how much more I could give the world and how much more gratitude I could come up with daily, hourly, minute by minute. It is absolutely flowing out of my heart and mind, the gratitude I have for everyone. I can definitely be better at sales. I can be better at recruiting, mentoring, presenting, identifying needs, listening, empathetic. I am absolutely blown away by what I found in these movies. I used to watch movies and judge them. Wow! Now, my heart is engaged and everything I see and hear is now something I cherish and look for the heroes journey. In both these movies, I learned how to be the hero in my own life and the simplicity of having one purpose in life, not 5, not 4, not even 2, One purpose and putting your whole energy into it, no matter what. Unashamed and definitely unafraid of what could happen. I’m absolutely inspired.

Thanks Mark J for the suggestion of these movies. I will be remiss if I did not mention the audio recording of Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret” and the challenge to keep a positive mental attitude for 30 days. I’m started this on Wednesday 12-23-20 and kept my positive mental attitude going even though a bombing of an AT&T building on Christmas Day morning in Nashville, TN, knocked down our service for almost two days but because of some fast thinking, was able to go transfer my service to T-Mobile, the next day without having any anxieties or fear entering. I continued the positive mental attitude amidst chaos and anger around me. What a wonderful gift to receive and to share. My heart and mind was racing with love and empathy with everyone affected. The buildings, the businesses in the area. Prayer was more heartfelt all day and all week long. Solutions for the inconvenience was flowing from my heart and mind and shared with others as they come and as needed. What an awesome way to be. It was wonderful to be able to give love and true heartfelt prayers for all involved.

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